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We Help Self Employed Workers And Entrepreneurs Get Approved For A Mortgage Or Home Refinancing Even If The Banks Say No!


We specialize in helping Canadian business owners who have a non-traditional way of declaring their income when filing their taxes.

We work with lenders who understand that in order to save on taxes, businesses and self-employed individuals use exemptions and allowances to minimize their taxes.

Since their actual income is significantly higher than the income that they declare in their personal tax returns, our lenders will consider using income calculations based on the borrowers last few months of business deposits in their bank account statements.

With this type of program, a self-employed individual may qualify for a higher mortgage amount than they would have using a more traditional mortgage application since traditional banks do not accept non-traditional mortgage applications.

We have access to an array of lenders out of which we can pick the one which will tailor to your specific needs and situation.

We will take the time to thoroughly analyze and understand your current financial needs and situation in order to help you get approved for the best mortgage or home refinance solution that is available to you.

If you are self-employed, a contractor or business owner and have questions about getting approved for a mortgage please call us for a free consultation.


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